AI & Big Data

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Various Data Businesses

We conduct a variety of projects (Medical Diagnosis, Healthcare, Gen Services, etc.) that can collect raw data, which is the basis of big data.

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Big Data Operations/
Analysis Platform

Big Data Operation / Analysis Platform provides various services such as AI-based, machine learning-based analysis platform, and data science-based modeling.

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Data Science Team

We provide optimal operation services through the development of various algorithms and modeling based on AI, Big Data, and Data Science.

Education Platform

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Provide admission information
We provide A.I admission information in response
to the rapidly changing admission environment.

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Education Contents Sales
We improve the qualitative value of the education market by providing an
environment where quality can be evaluated.

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Connect Growth
We support shared growth by connecting
people and academies in need of education.

Mobile Payment Solution

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Asset Transfer Convenience

Next-generation fintech platform with real-time support for asset transfer and payment

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Online/Offline Scalability

Use after installing the mobile application, provide administration mode

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DAP Chain based Security

Developed based on blockchain, excellent security

Stable Utility Asset

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For Individuals

KRW trading possible without intermediaries
Provide own private key and crypto wallet

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For Business

Fiat currency conversion process and administrator mode provided
Infinite scalability of service ecosystem circulation

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For Exchange

Pay/withdraw/storage Geny instead of existing bank or payment service provider Secure users in BTC, ETH, and USDT markets through Geny

Healthcare Service

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Gen Care

Provide personal health care services in conjunction with health records

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AI, Big Data Operation

AI big data analysis apply patent technology that predicts disease

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Optimal Analysis

Registered patent applying cardiovascular disease risk prediction method and system