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Identification & Origin Certification Solutions

Blockchain-based Global Standard Origin Certification Solution Increasing the brand value of a company Consortium around global standard DID framework.

Traceability Solution

Global Standard Trace Solution Based on Blockchain Transparent and accurate history tracking management Break away from structures that cannot be exchanged/shared due to complex distribution structures with stakeholders.

Digital Proof of Ownership Solution

Issuance of real assets as NFT Proof of ownership solution Digital real asset ownership verification Block sources such as illegal copying and transaction fraud.

Asset securitization Solution

Split financial asset ownership into NFT and transaction securitization solution Ease of securing corporate funds through the bond NFT marketplace Expand to various financial products such as CB, real estate PF, NPL, etc.

fiablings title

Fiablings provides a highly reliable trading environment by issuing digital ownership
(NFT) for real assets such as art, real estate, music, and bonds.