CEO Greeting

We will be the leading company in the era of the 4th industrial revolution with digital innovation technology.

Greeting from Datagen
Datagen has been running based on R&D experience and technology in AI, IoT, big data and healthcare for the past 15 years.

Currently, the blockchain market is expanding from the IT, security, and authentication fields to a wide range of real estate, media, public services, finance, and NFT.

During these changes, Datagen developed the first blockchain Main-net "DAP Chain" in Korea in May 2018 based on joint research with KAIST and know-how in service platforms. It also launched "Gen Service," a blockchain sharing reward platform equipped with news, shopping, advertising, and Fintech.

Since then, it has been developed to be applied to various business environments with an optimized blockchain development platform including standardized blockchain APIs and frameworks.

At the same time, we have prepared an opportunity to expand the blockchain service platform into a virtual asset ‘securitization’ platform in line with the legalization and change of perception of the virtual asset market.

Datagen will reorganize its blockchain service platform around ‘NFT Marketplace’ in 2022 and start anew as a Fintech and asset securitization platform.

Based on the proof-of-ownership NFT, we will be reborn as a creative company leading the new Fin-Tech market by expanding to areas such as paintings, copyrights, game items, real estate, and metaverse.

Furthermore, we will advance overseas, open the ‘Gen Service’ platform in each country, and stand tall as a global company through asset securitization.

We look forward to standing together with Datagen.

Thank you