• Geny is a stable coin with the same value as KRW
  • genylogo

  • 01

    Issued and circulated in a security
    environment based on Hi-trafer.

  • 02

    ssuance and circulation are not
    subject to price liquidity restrictions.

  • 03

    Geny's 1:1 implementation is
    easy for non-experts to understand.

  • 04

    Geny issuance and circulation details
    are disclosed in real time through Geny Tracker

  • 05

    Geny Can grow as a deposit
    tool with international consensus

  • 06

    Geny issuance funds are deposited
    in an escrow account jointly named with the issuer, so it is always transparent and securely managed.

Flow of Funds Process

  • Flow of Funds

    Geny's flow of funds process has 6 steps
    and can be understood through a
    circular diagram when the exchange is a service partner.

  • Flow of Funds Process


  • For Individuals

    For Individuals

    KRW trading possible without intermediaries
    Provide own private key and crypto wallet
    Easy to apply to applications that support Geny
    All services available with existing cryptocurrencies

  • For Business

    For Business

    Pricing products with Geny, not cryptocurrency
    Provides the KRW transition process and administrator mode
    Infinite scalability of service ecosystem circulation (gift certificates, memberships, points, etc.)
    Ensure anonymity of P2P transactions (additional KYC/AML functionality depending on business)

  • For

    For Exchange

    Pay/withdraw/storage Geny instead of existing bank or payment service provider
    Protection of customer assets with encryption process through blockchain-based Geny
    Exchange's KRW market problem solved (GENY/BTC/EYH/USDT trading market open)
    Transaction Fee Geny Payment
    Convenience of global exchanges entering the Korean market
    Geny Can grow as a deposit tool with international consensus