• Provides health information and CV risk report by analyzing individual's
    basic PHR record and exercise volume big data (reliability of 95% or more)

Target Users

  • Hypertensive image


  • Diabetic image


  • Obesity/hyperlipidemia image


  • General users image

    General Users

  • 01

    Information Collection

    Collect continuous information,
    including brief surveys and dietary inputs

    Information collection image
  • 02

    Information Analysis

    AI, Big Data Usage Analysis
    Health Monitoring

    Information Analysis image
  • 03


    Provide health information
    feedback analysis result report

    Reports image

Market Scalability

  • Individuals


    Predicting and compensating cardiovascular disease through analysis of health data in daily life facilitates user expansion

  • Enterprise


    Can be linked to developers of chronic disease platforms and reduce insurance accident rates and increase profits through risk management for customers subscribed to private insurers

Technical analysis algorithm configuration and patent registration

Patented technology that predicts diseases by exercise amount through big data analysis is applied.
Patent No: 10-2003412 "Method and system for predicting risk of cardiovascular disease"

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