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교육을 품은 인공지능 에듀고

Edugo is a specialized university admission platform developed by combining the best experts in private
education admissions and Datagen's A.I and Big Data technologies.
Looking at the distorted reality of admission created by the gap in information, regional and economic power,
its purpose of this is to bridge the admission gap by strengthening the school's capabilities through A.I admission information.

  • 에듀고

  • 홈에듀고,스쿨에듀고,아카데미에듀고

  • AI정시지원, 수시지원 합격

Home Edugo: early & regular decision admission reporting service School edugo:
admission information that provide from the school Academy edugo: Provides admission roadmap for passing
Data collection and company recognition by providing paid and free services in connection with home, academy, and school Edugo.
Based on the collected data, Big Data and A.I analysis provide

EDU Platform

Edu Platform is an academy service platform developed based on the Gen Service platform.
Currently, it connects 30,000 academies across the country to deliver educational information and provides
all necessary items for education and academies, which are academies, on the platform.


    Increase customer inflow with low price


    Various products to various customers


    Securing a high-profit growth structure through value sharing

  • ICT 솔루션 플랫폼 서비스

  • 정보지, 멤버쉽 마게팅, 에듀세미나

  • 학원공구, 학원아카데미

Secure academy DB through AnserTong, Edu Concert, and G500 services.
ased on Gen Service's service development tools platform services
such as co-purchase, shopping, auctions, academy universities, and educational content sales are provided.