• Anyone who can easily apply to their business.
    Hi-trafer is a hybrid chain. that combine the decentralization blockchain and the centralized management concepts of Web system.
    The best solution to introduce blockchain into the business environment of the company is Hi-trafer Platform that provides speed, accuracy and convenience.
    Hi-trafer Platform is the business service development platform that enables anyone to create various blockchain services without need for professional developers by providing optimized development environment including scalable standardized service APIs and framework
  • dap chain 로고

  • dap chain
  • Main-net
  • Middleware
  • Development tool
  • Service tool
  • Payment Platform

Blockchain Development Tool Kit

Providing Wallet, Token, Side Token, Dapp Development & Release environment through GUI

  • 메인넷
    Token, side token issuance and
    management via GUI
  • 메인넷
    Easy Transaction creation and
    management via GUI
  • 메인넷
    Integrated transaction monitoring
    via GUI
  • 메인넷
    Frameworks and various
    device support

Blockchain Development Toolkit

블록체인 서비스 플랫폼 dlalwl

BAPP Service Development

Datagen has developed and is operating a service development tool that enables BAPP service development.

BAPP 서비스 개발

Provide development tool for BAPP service development
Easily provide environments and services suitable for corporate business implementation