• Anyone who can easily apply to their business.
    DAP Chain is a hybrid chain. that combine the decentralization blockchain and the centralized management concepts of Web system.
    The best solution to introduce blockchain into the business environment of the company is DAP chain Platform that provides speed, accuracy and convenience.
    DAP Chain Platform is the business service development platform that enables anyone to create various blockchain services without need for professional developers by providing optimized development environment including scalable standardized service APIs and framework
  • dap chain 로고

  • dap chain
  • Main-net
  • Middleware
  • Development tool
  • Service tool
  • Payment Platform

  • Token, side token issuance and
    management via GUI
  • Easy Transaction creation and
    management via GUI
  • Integrated transaction monitoring
    via GUI
  • Frameworks and various
    device support

Blockchain development tool kit

Providing Wallet, Token, Side Token, Dapp Development & Release environment through GUI

Blockchain Service Platform

Blockchain Service Platform

Gen Service

Blockchain portal service based on DAP Chain

  • 젠서비스 메인
  • 자산내역
  • 마이페이지
  • 놀자고 룰렛

DAP Chain Based Blockchain Portal

When become a Gen Service member, a wallet is created, you can use the service,
and assets acquired and held can be easily P2P sent to other wallets.

  • 출석체크
  • 진행중인 경매
  • 스토어 메인
  • 교환권 구매내역

Blockchain Securities GENY

Users earn Geny as a reward for participation in services such as news subscriptions, advertisements, event and games.
Rewarded Geny can be used for products exchanges and auctions
Insufficient geny can be used by purchasing asset and Geny exchange vouchers.

  • 동영상
  • dap chain 순환구조

Geny is a blockchain-based digital securities that
can be acquired and consumed within Gen Service.

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Gen Service

Gen Service
Gen Service